Time To Get Rid Of Those Last Few Pounds? 4 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For Liposuction

14 July 2017
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If you've been on a weight-loss plan but can't seem to lose those last few pounds, liposuction may be the answer. Liposuction can be used to remove pockets of fat from areas such as the abdomen, waist, buttocks, and arms. It can also be used to sculpt those problem areas and provide you with a more defined appearance. If you've decided to undergo liposuction, it's important to find a reputable doctor like Dr. Robert J. Troell, M.D., F.A.C.S. and to prepare yourself for the procedure. Here's some information that will help you prepare for the procedure, and ensure a more comfortable recovery period.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Prior to your scheduled procedure, you'll have several appointments with your plastic surgeon. Use that time to familiarize yourself with the procedure. Keep a journal of any questions you might have. Bring the journal with you to each appointment. That will help you remember the questions you have and provide you with a place to write down the answers you receive from your plastic surgeon. It's important to note that you might have friends and family who want to offer advice about the procedure. If you're concerned, or confused by anything they say, write those concerns down, and discuss them with your doctor.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

You know what you want to look like following the procedure. It's important to keep your expectations realistic. You're not going to be instantly skinny as soon as the procedure is completed. In fact, you might even be slightly swollen afterwards. However, as the healing process continues, you'll begin to notice that your body has a more sculpted appearance. Your clothing will fit better, and you'll be noticeably thinner.

Get Help for After the Procedure

Once you're home from the surgical center, you're going to need some help around the house. Even if you had the procedure performed under local anesthetic, you're still going to be sore, especially during those first few days. Have someone come in to help you with your meals and to help you with your clothing. This is particularly important if you're having liposuction performed on your arms, midsection, or buttocks. If you're instructed to wear compression garments, you'll need help with those, as well.

Follow Your Doctor's Post-Op Instructions

Following the procedure, your doctor will provide you with a complete list of post-operative instructions. Be sure to follow them closely, including taking any antibiotics you may be prescribed. If you experience an increase in pain or bleeding, be sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible.