3 Tips For Preparing For Labiaplasty

9 April 2018
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Labiaplasty surgery is becoming more popular, and for good reason. Many women suffer from unusually large labia, which makes everything from wearing tight-fitting clothes to sexual intercourse uncomfortable. Labiaplasty can easily be combined with vaginal rejuvenation, which means your labia will be more trim and symmetrical and your vaginal canal will be tighter and more toned all in one cosmetic procedure. Here are a few tips as you prepare for your upcoming surgery:

1. Plan for a Few Days of Rest

The worst thing you can do immediately after labiaplasty is rush back into your regular routine, wardrobe, and work schedule. Instead, plan to schedule your labiaplasty surgery for a time when you can rest for a few days, such as at the beginning of a long weekend. You may be groggy after your surgery and your body needs a bit of time to recover. Plan on wearing loose-fitting, comfy clothes and give yourself permission to simply lounge around. Look at it as a time to catch up on all your favorite shows, read a new book, or simply take a nice long nap each day.

2. Prepare for Minor Pain and Swelling

For the first few days after your labiaplasty surgery, you may experience minor pain and swelling. You can prepare for this ahead of time by asking your doctor for a prescription for pain medication and being sure to pick up the prescription ahead of time so you already have it on hand. It is also a good idea to buy a couple of soft ice packs to keep in the freezer. Ice your groin several times a day during your recovery to minimize both pain and swelling.

3. Care for Your Incisions

Your doctor will give you specific instructions for incision aftercare based on the exact type of labiaplasty you have and it is very important to follow these instructions carefully. Correct aftercare of your incisions will allow quick healing and prevent infection. In most cases, you will need to gently wash your incision area with soap and warm water once a day, followed by patting it dry with a clean towel. Your doctor may also prescribe an ointment or recommend an OTC healing product that you can pick up from the drugstore.

Following these tips, planning to rest after surgery, and working with a qualified cosmetic surgeon will ensure you get the labiaplasty results you want and that your recovery goes smoothly.