Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery: 3 Helpful Tips To Follow

16 April 2018
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Whether you are having breast augmentation surgery for cosmetic reasons or as a follow-up to a mastectomy, healing after surgery is critical. Taking care of yourself in the days and weeks after the procedure can help minimize pain, speed up recovery, and even build your self-confidence. Here are some tips to follow as you recover from breast augmentation surgery.

1. Purchase Recovery-Friendly Clothing

You'll want to avoid wearing tight, restrictive clothing in the days and weeks after your surgery. You may experience swelling that makes the clothing you already own difficult to wear. Visit the maternity section at your local department store to find clothing that is more generous in the bust area, and opt for tops that have buttons instead of pullovers. You may find it difficult to raise your arms above your head to slip on a sweatshirt or sweater, and button-down shirts may be easier to put on. Be sure to ask your doctor which type of support garments will be required so you can purchase these in advance as well.

2. Enlist A Household Helper

If you have small children in the house, consider having a friend or family member help you care for them each day. Your children may be beyond the weight restriction for lifting in the days after your surgery, and you may find it difficult to tackle certain tasks, such as changing diapers. Even if you don't have children, a household helper can tackle laundry, vacuuming, and other chores you can't do while you are recovering. You may also want to ask this person to help change your dressings and assist you with getting dressed if these tasks are difficult for you.

3. Invest In A Pill Reminder

Your doctor may prescribe pain medication to use in the days after your breast augmentation surgery. You may also be prescribed antibiotics to help reduce the chance of a post-operative infection. Consider investing in a pill reminder to help you keep track of your medications. This is particularly helpful if you don't normally take regular medications. Smart pillboxes connect with your mobile device or smartwatch to let you know when it's time to take medication, and traditional pill reminder boxes let you dole out each day's pills so you know how much to take and when. You can also invest in a mobile app that sets off an alert when you are due for another dose.

Remember to go over all of your post-operative instructions before you leave the hospital, and keep a printed copy handy for reference after you get home. By following the doctor's orders and using these simple tips, you can help speed up your recovery and stay comfortable while your body adjusts after breast augmentation surgery.