Three Sorts Of Embarrassment That PRP Therapy Can Potentially Help You To Avoid

15 May 2018
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While medical professionals use platelet-rich plasma therapy to help patients with a variety of health issues, a common reason to turn to this specialized therapy is for help with hair loss. Health practitioners have found that PRP injections in the scalp can help you to grow more hair, thus reducing the potentially embarrassing effects of hair loss for men and women alike. On one hand, you might not feel as though your hair loss embarrasses you — but you might also rely on certain techniques or run into issues that can indeed be embarrassing. Here are three sorts of embarrassment that PRP therapy can help you to avoid.

Having A Bad Hairstyle

Many people who suffer from various degrees of hair loss rely on their hairstyle to give them the illusion of having more hair. The problem in many cases, however, is that the overall look can be a bad one. For example, men often use the comb-over technique to hide the baldness at the crown of their heads, but this technique doesn't really give you the appearance of having a full head of hair. Rather, it makes it appear as though you are balding and are using your haircut to hide the baldness, which can be embarrassing.

Weather-Related Issues

People who have hair loss often dislike being out in the elements, given the issues that wind and rain can cause them. For example, if you've tried to increase the volume of thin hair with a hair product, getting your head wet can quickly cause the hair to hang limp and expose just how thin your hair is. Similarly, a carefully coiffed hairdo may go askew on a windy day, leaving you clutching your head and running for shelter while being embarrassed of others seeing you.

Using A Hairpiece

Some people rely on a hairpiece to give them the look of a fuller head of hair, and while some hairpieces can look natural, many do not. While hairpieces today are generally more realistic looking than those from a few decades ago, you might still be highly embarrassed should someone discern that you're wearing one. There are many potential ways that the presence of a hairpiece could get exposed and leave you feeling flustered. For example, if you were holding a toddler who is energetic, he or she may reach up and move your hairpiece before you can react.

By getting PRP therapy for your hair loss, you can avoid these forms of embarrassment.