Who Is a Good Candidate for Emsculpt?

7 July 2020
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Emsculpt is a body sculpting procedure that helps individuals gain muscle and improve their physical appearance. This procedure is non-invasive and doesn't require surgery, so it's becoming a more popular option. It's a good way to build muscle and tone up specific parts of the body. If you're not in love with how your body looks and you want to make some changes, you may be wondering if this is a good fit for you. Keep reading to better understand who is a good candidate for Emsculpt: 

1. Individuals Who Have Small Pockets of Fat Are Good Candidates

If you're thinking of getting this procedure, it's best for invidious who have small pockets of fat. If you have a significant amount of fat or fat all over your body, this likely isn't the procedure for you. With this treatment, you can target a small area of your body, like your stomach.

2. This Procedure Works Well for Healthy Individuals

This is a good procedure for individuals who are relatively healthy, work out or are active, and who eat well. You want to be able to see long term results with this procedure, so it's best to already be active and healthy so that you can keep the results long term. Your doctor will likely mention that it's a good fit for individuals with lower BMIs. 

3. Many People Are a Good Fit for Emsculpt 

For starters, many people are a good fit for this procedure. You don't need to be a certain gender or of a certain age to consider this treatment. It's a good idea to talk with your doctor about getting this procedure done to see what their thoughts and recommendations are.

4. It's Not an Option for Individuals Who Are Pregnant or Have Pacemakers

If you're pregnant, Emsculpt is not something that you can get done. But, many mothers do choose to invest in Emsculpt after their pregnancy to help tone up and make changes to their bodies. This procedure is also not a good fit for someone who has a pacemaker or any other kind of impacted electronic device.

No matter what kind of treatment or procedure you're considering, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor. Talk to them about your goals and ask questions to better understand what you're getting into. If you're wanting to improve your body, contact local Emsculpting services.