Reasons To Perform Breast Augmentation

20 October 2021
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Breast augmentation entails the placement of breast implants usually to increase breast size. There are two breast implant types:

  • Saline. These contain saline water and have minimal risk to your health.
  • Silicone. These contain silicone and, therefore, present a higher health risk as the silicone may leak and spread to other body parts. However, surgeons can prevent silicone leakage by placing the implants correctly.

Many women undergo breast augmentation to enhance their look. Here are more reasons for getting breast implants.

Achieves Breast Symmetry

Not all women's breasts are symmetrical. This could be due to natural causes such as imbalanced estrogen levels during puberty resulting in one breast appearing larger. The size indifference may be noticeable, which influences your look and confidence. Breast augmentation can help your breasts look more symmetrical. Surgeons may place an implant on the smaller breast or place implants of various sizes in both breasts to achieve symmetry.

Minimizes Weight Loss Effects on the Breasts

Breasts consist of fatty tissues. Hence, the bigger your breasts, the more fatty tissue present. Therefore, if you lose some weight, your breasts may become smaller. Fortunately, breast implants can increase the size and fullness of your breasts while enabling you to enjoy weight loss benefits, including improved health.

Restores Breast Shape and Size Following Pregnancy and Nursing

During pregnancy, your breasts may swell but decrease in volume or droop after nursing.  Additionally, adding some baby fat during pregnancy, shedding off the fat also reduces your breast size. You can restore your pre-baby perky breast shape and fullness with breast implants. Note that if you get pregnant after the implants, they won't affect your nursing ability or child's health.

Increases Breast Size for Women With Micromastia

Micromastia is a condition characterized by abnormally small breasts in women. Women with the condition may not feel attractive. Additionally, finding well-fitting clothes can be challenging. Breast augmentation can increase the bust size and boost self-confidence.

Restores Your Look After a Mastectomy

Mastectomy is one of the treatments for breast cancer where surgeons remove a cancerous breast. While the procedure may save your life, you may lose one or both breasts, which affects your look and confidence. If you're undergoing breast reconstruction, breast implant placement may be necessary.

Breast augmentation achieves breast symmetry, restores your bust after a mastectomy, and minimizes weight loss effects on your breasts. Also, breast implants increase breast size for micromastia patients and restore your breast size and shape after pregnancy and nursing. Consider getting breast augmentation surgery services for these reasons.