How A Mini Tummy Tuck Differs From A Full Tummy Tuck

16 March 2022
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A tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic body surgery you might be interested in if you have tried to diet and exercise but you can't seem to get a flat stomach. The tummy tuck surgery eliminates the pouch on your abdomen so your stomach area is flat. You can choose between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck. Here's how to decide which one is right for you.

A Mini Tummy Tuck Is For Your Lower Abdomen

This cosmetic body surgery targets your lower abdomen. If you have sagging skin and muscles below your belly button, then the mini procedure might be right for you. This requires an incision above your pubic area. It might be done in the same place as an old C-section scar if you have one.

The doctor works through the incision to pull your muscles and skin tight, remove the excess, and then stitch the area closed. The result is a flat and smooth lower abdomen. This surgery can also remove stretch marks if the marks are on the area of skin that's removed.

The advantages of the mini procedure are that the incision can be smaller and there is no need to make an incision around your belly button. That means your recovery time should be quicker and easier.

A Full Tummy Tuck Is For Your Entire Abdomen

Your doctor might not think you're suitable for the mini surgery if you have a lot of loose skin, separated muscles, or if you'll need your belly button moved after your skin is pulled tight. If so, you might need a full tummy tuck, which is a similar cosmetic body surgery that works on your abdomen from under your ribs to your pubic area.

This is done in a similar way as a mini procedure is done. An incision is made above your pubic area and the doctor can pull your muscles and skin tight so your abdomen flattens out. You might also need to have stretch marks removed as much as possible and your muscles stitched together if they've separated.

This procedure may require a longer recovery time, but it will take weeks to recover from either type of cosmetic body surgery. Before you talk to your doctor about having a tummy tuck, you'll want to think about whether you're finished having kids, if you're close to your ideal weight, and your weight is stable. If you gain a lot of weight or get pregnant again, you might undo the effects of the surgery. To learn more or explore your options for cosmetic body surgery, visit a cosmetic clinic like Masri Clinic.