Permanent Eyebrows: Microblading Or Tattoo?

24 August 2022
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If you have trouble keeping your eyebrows neat in appearance, or they are very thin, you may want to consider permanent eyebrows. There are two different permanent eyebrow treatments: microblading or tattoos. While it might seem like these two options are the same thing, there are a few important differences. You should choose the option that will best serve your purposes. Here are the major differences.


Microblading is done by numbing the area and then making tiny cuts in the skin. These incisions are then filled with pigment to look like your natural hairs. Tattooing uses a machine and tiny needle to make punctures into your skin while inserting ink. Tattooing inserts the ink much deeper than microblading. A permanent tattoo will last your lifetime, but it will fade and become blurry over time. Microbladed eyebrows will require a touch-up every couple of years, as the ink will fade almost completely. However, this gives you a chance to make some changes to your eyebrow if you want.


Microbalding uses a pigment that will fade but remain the same tone and depth of color the entire time. Tattoo ink does fade but will always be there. However, the color and tone of the ink changes over time. It is more than just fading; black inks may end up looking blue or grey. Of course, you can always get a touch-up to a tattoo too, but won't be able to really change the shape of the eyebrow, as the original tattoo will always show.


Microblading can be done to completely mimic natural hairs. The incisions can be very thin and curve the way your hairs do. Tattoos are harder to make look as natural as microblading. Generally, the "hairs" will be thicker and not as curved. If you are looking to fill in your natural brow, microblading will give a better result, as there can be more single hairs created than what can be done with a tattoo.

Decide what it is you want to accomplish with permanent eyebrows. If you are looking for something more permanent and more than just filling in your natural brow, go with a tattoo. If you want something more natural-looking and want the chance to make changes every couple of years, go with microblading. Of course, you should visit a tattoo parlor and a microblading salon and ask to see photos of work they have done to make your final decision.

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