A Chemical Skin Peel Can Be Done On Your Face And Body To Improve The Appearance Of Your Skin

30 November 2022
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If you'd like to improve the appearance of your skin, you might consider a chemical skin peel. Skin peels can be done on your face, chest, arms, hands, and legs. However, different types of chemicals may be used on different areas of your body. Here are the benefits of having a chemical skin peel and what you might expect with the procedure. 

The Benefits Of A Chemical Skin Peel

A skin peel removes the superficial layer or deeper layers of skin, and it can remove imperfections too. After a peel, your skin may have fewer wrinkles, improved acne, more even color, and diminished sun spots. A chemical peel can be done to treat sun damage or to reverse signs of aging. Since the top layer of skin is removed, fresh, glowing skin is revealed that gives you a younger appearance.

There Are Different Types Of Skin Peels

You can get a mild, moderate, or deep skin peel. A mild peel only works on the surface of your skin while a moderate peel reaches to a deeper level. A deep peel removes the most surface skin, and it also has a longer recovery time. The type of chemicals used and the length of time that they are applied affect the results you get. You'll need to talk to a cosmetic doctor about the choices and your goals. Your doctor can help you decide which type of peel is right for you.

There Could Be A Preparation Phase

You might not be able to schedule a medium or deep peel right away. Instead, your doctor may give you instructions for skin care to follow for a few weeks before you have the peel. The preparation phase is to prepare your skin for the procedure and to reduce the risk of complications afterward.

Preparations might include stopping smoking and avoiding alcoholic drinks. You might also need to use specific skin care products during this time. Mild peels may not need any preparation; however, you may need to avoid getting sunburnt, shaving, or doing anything else that could irritate your skin for a few days before the procedure.

The Steps Involved With A Chemical Skin Peel

A chemical skin peel usually involves brushing on the acid and allowing it to work on your skin for a set time. Then a neutralizer is applied and the acid is rinsed off. The esthetician will clean your skin first, and they may apply moisturizer to your skin afterward.

A mild peel usually isn't uncomfortable. A medium peel might cause stinging, burning, and redness. A deep peel can be painful, so you'll probably be sedated and have a local anesthetic applied or be put under general anesthesia so you can tolerate the process.

Contact a local chemical peel service to learn more.