3 Tips For Women With Facial Hair

17 March 2015
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The presence of facial hair is a common annoyance for many women. Some women are naturally more hairy, while others may notice the development of facial hair due to underlying hormonal problems. There are multiple ways you can minimize or remove facial hair.

Learn Better Makeup Application

If you wear makeup, you need to practice application techniques that minimize the appearance of facial hair. Even if you regularly remove your facial hair, fine hairs usually remain, especially over your top lip and along your sideburn area. Typically, these fine hairs go unnoticed, but applying face makeup the wrong way can quickly attract attention to residual facial hair.

When you use any makeup in an area with facial hair, make sure you are applying the makeup in the same direction as the hair grows. Applying makeup against the direction of the hair will cause the hairs to stand up and become more obvious, as opposed to encouraging them to lie flat against your skin. Makeup that is used to draw attention to certain areas of your face, such as highlighters, bronzers or products with shimmer, will make hairs more noticeable.

Choose Hair Removal Methods Carefully

Facial hair can be difficult to remove and manage on your own, especially if you are prone to skin irritation or breakouts. The best methods for removing facial hair are waxing and threading. Waxing is typically more efficient because you can remove large areas of hair at once. However, you need to be meticulous about your skin care routine to prevent breakouts. You should always avoid touching your face to reduce your chances of breakouts, and the risk of new acne is often higher right after waxing.

Be mindful of bedding that may touch your face while you sleep, especially if you are a side or stomach sleeper. Change your bedding regularly to avoid introducing bacteria into freshly waxed areas. Between pillowcase changes, consider using a small spray bottle to mist your pillowcase with isopropyl alcohol. Since alcohol dries quickly, you can spray your pillowcase shortly before bed.

You may experience fewer breakouts by threading facial hair. The tradeoff is that threading is often more time consuming, especially if you have a large area to cover. Just like waxing, you can do threading at home or go to a professional. Since threading is more time consuming, once you have initially removed a satisfactory amount of hair, you may want to do touch-ups once or twice per week. Establishing a routine means subsequent hair removal sessions will not take as long to complete.

Consider Permanent Solutions

Investing in a permanent hair removal procedure is one of the best options for facial hair, since it can be difficult and time consuming to frequently remove or camouflage facial hair. Lasers are one option for permanent hair removal. Like other cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal will be an out-of-pocket expense, and may take several sessions to achieve permanent results. You should achieve results faster when removing facial hair, because there is less surface area to cover.

If you have light skin and light hair, laser hair removal may not be an option or not work to your satisfaction. The laser may have difficulties identifying the hairs and destroying the hair follicle, because it is easier for the laser to identify dark hairs. If you have deeper skin and dark hair, you are more likely to experience laser burns or changes in skin pigmentation, due to the possibility of the laser misidentifying your skin as hair. Electrolysis remains another permanent option for facial hair, and is especially beneficial if your combination of skin tone and hair color makes laser treatments less effective.

Unwanted facial hair is a common problem that many women face at one time or another. Whether you want a quick way to camouflage the problem or a permanent solution, there are multiple options to make you more comfortable with your appearance.