3 Fantastic Ways To Take Years Off Your Face Without Going Under The Knife

14 February 2017
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Whether you're considering plastic surgery, but not sure you'll like the results, or simply want an uncomplicated way to see a younger-looking face in the mirror, you do have options. Plastic surgery can be a major commitment, including financially, and you may not be ready for it. For quicker, less intimidating ways to soften the effects of Father Time, consider one of the following methods: Dermal Fillers Fillers are a fast and relatively simple way to achieve near-instant results with how young your face looks, and they've been making people happy for decades with hardly any side-effects or real complaints. Read More 

3 Tips For Women With Facial Hair

17 March 2015
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The presence of facial hair is a common annoyance for many women. Some women are naturally more hairy, while others may notice the development of facial hair due to underlying hormonal problems. There are multiple ways you can minimize or remove facial hair. Learn Better Makeup Application If you wear makeup, you need to practice application techniques that minimize the appearance of facial hair. Even if you regularly remove your facial hair, fine hairs usually remain, especially over your top lip and along your sideburn area. Read More 

Vegetarians And The Duodenal Switch: Six Protein-Based Eating Tips For After Your Surgery

11 March 2015
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Often referred to as DS or the "switch", the duodenal switch from a place like Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas is a weight loss surgery that involves a biliopancreatic diversion and a duodenal switch. Part of the stomach is removed, and absorption is slowed. After this surgery, all patients have to follow certain dietary restrictions – like eating small snacks slowly and often – but if you are a vegetarian, you may have to make special considerations, particularly in regard to protein. Read More