3 Fantastic Ways To Take Years Off Your Face Without Going Under The Knife

14 February 2017
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Whether you're considering plastic surgery, but not sure you'll like the results, or simply want an uncomplicated way to see a younger-looking face in the mirror, you do have options. Plastic surgery can be a major commitment, including financially, and you may not be ready for it. For quicker, less intimidating ways to soften the effects of Father Time, consider one of the following methods:

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are a fast and relatively simple way to achieve near-instant results with how young your face looks, and they've been making people happy for decades with hardly any side-effects or real complaints. Botox is the most popular filler, and it works by relaxing the underlying muscles, thereby smoothing out wrinkles. Fillers are great between the eyebrows, where you might have a single, but pronounced line, and they also work on forehead "worry" lines. Right around your mouth, you might have noticed a few vertical lines, such as those you'd see when your mouth forms an "O", or perhaps you're concerned with the frown lines running from your nostrils down to your lips.

Dermal fillers are highly effective at producing real, fast results, and those results may last up to a year, depending on the type of filler used. Most people don't have any adverse reaction to the fillers, although you can request a sensitivity test before the injection procedure, if you and your physician feel the need.

These fillers will work well to hold you over until you feel the need for more complicated surgical cosmetic procedures, or you can simply have them done when you feel unhappy about the way your face is looking.

Face Tape

Yes, tape! Hollywood has been using cleverly-placed face tape forever, to either conceal the tell-tale signs of aging or to dramatically alter the shape of some very famous faces, including Lady Gaga. The theory behind the use of face tape is quite simple: Pull upwards on skin to defy gravity and take years off, instantly. Although it may sound strange, the process is actually quite effective.

You could introduce yourself to this "procedure" in the privacy of your own bathroom with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a roll of tape. Cut a piece of tape approximately three- to four-inches long, pinch the skin on the back of your neck together, and secure the tape. This will tighten the front of your neck, pulling back wrinkles and sagging, including that dreaded "turkey neck" skin that can make you look 10 or more years older than you really are.

Try eyelid tape, too, which works to form a new crease within the folds of your eyes. This is especially helpful at reducing the extra skin involved in hooded eyelids, a situation that naturally occurs with aging. You could also use a small piece of the tape under your earlobes, tugging upwards to minimize the appearance of sagging jowls. Ultimately, use what you discover from your introduction to face tape to decide if you'd like to invest in more serious products, such as specifically cut sizes and shapes designed by cosmetic companies, using medical-grade tape that works to elevate your skin just enough to cut back a few years from your look. Face tape is also an excellent way to see how you might look following a surgical procedure, such as a face or neck lift.

A New Hair Cut

If you're already convinced a surgical procedure is out of the question for you, but you still crave a younger look, consider consulting with a professional hair designer. There are many ways in which your hair can be used to conceal the signs of aging, as well as to give you a more youthful appearance. For example, playful bangs hanging down over your eyes can make crows feet nearly impossible to see. Wisps of longer hair curling inward toward your face around the ears and neck will also cover wrinkles, and many of these styles can also take years off your look in general.

As a general rule, soft bangs and subtle highlights can help you in your quest to look younger; however, the shape of your face should determine your best cut. Some women might need to firm up the jaw line, particularly if they have a square face, and that can easily be accomplished with a certain hair length (usually around mid-neck) and a cut that produces an outward (from the face) angle to the hair.

The layered look could cover forehead wrinkles, as well as give the top of your head a slight lift, making you look taller and lengthening the look of your face. Ask a trusted hairstylist how you can optimize your locks to look years younger, adding confidence and satisfaction to your image.

It's fun to experiment with improving your looks, especially if the results aren't permanent. With dermal fillers, the results can be quick, dramatic, and send you over the moon, but there's something to be said for a simple haircut and a couple of strategically placed pieces of tape to knock you back a few years, too. The choices are yours to test out and investigate, until you find exactly what works for you.